Here at Nimbu we intend to create a dynamic, unique and eco-friendly surflodge. A space for solidarity, laughter, good conversation, introspection, a moment in the tube, your first surf, some sun salutations or a dip in the tide pool.


We are a team of four, with roots in Austria and Argentina and a diverse range of professional backgrounds. We came together to manifest our dream and vision of Nimbu, and are looking forward to you being a part of it.


We are currently in the design phase of our project. Although we are still building and creating, we are indeed welcoming guests! We assure you that the building will not disrupt your stay here at Nimbu. A section of our lodge is complete, allowing for a unique opportunity to enjoy your stay while witnessing local building techniques and our imagination forming the remainder of the lodge. We would love to have you join us for this exciting chapter of the Nimbu story!

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